I am grateful to have studied from, become friends with, and shared the stage with, some of the worlds greatest magicians.

As I move into the future, they are still my greatest inspiration.

Marvin Roy
One word about Mr. Electric, "Originality". I cannot think of a more original and completely theamatic act than Marvin and Carole's "Light Bulb Act". When I won the medal at the S.A.M. Convention in 1983, Marvin said, "The Chavez stuff is great but now it is time to open the cage, let the doves fly away and go with it!" Strong words considering the audience reaction to birds, but I later realized how great that advice was.


c3.gif (13640 bytes)Goldfinger and Dovec4.gif (21679 bytes)
In the 70's one of the most popular magic acts working on TV had to be Goldfinger and Dove. They appeared on every talk show including Johnny Carson, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and on and on and on. Goldfinger influenced many of today's working professionals with his fast-paced, high energy manipulations and explosive personality. In the 80's I shared the stage with him several times and found out what a true veteran is all about. Jack is a great inspiration to us all!




c5.gif (12051 bytes)Lance Burtonc6.gif (8195 bytes)

The first time I met Lance was in Colon, Michigan, at the Abbots Magic Get Together. I was competing and Lance was on the evening show. When he finished his rehearsal, Chris Jakeway introduced me to him. I was very impressed at how kind and down to earth he was. I met him years later in Las Vegas. After much success on TV and starring in the Follies Bergere, he was still that same cool, down to earth guy. A lesson to everyone what a real super star in magic is like. In the decade of, you've got silver and black boxes on wheels?"... Here is a contract! Its great to see that Lance stayed true to his roots and approaches grand illusion in the classic manner.

c7.gif (11980 bytes)Shimada
Before Lance and Joseph Gabriel, the master dove worker was Shimada. He produced doves as smooth as silk. He was the first oriental magician since Ching Ling Foo to achieve fame with an oriental act in the west. He featured parasols, fans, fire, a dragon and KABUKI MASKS. Today his daughter, Luna, carries on her father's tradition.




c8.gif (18609 bytes)Barclay Shawc9.gif (22024 bytes)
Barclay was a legendary Las Vegas performer with a special quality that's hard to describe. He performed one of the most unique levitations that I have ever seen. The girl floated inside a clear plastic box! ...Sound familiar? In my mind he is the only one who ever had the girl move during the levitation, and it still looked like Pure Magic! He also performed an act with a marionette clown named "Toto". This act was so magical it practically stopped the show. Barclay passed away a few years ago and everyone turned out for his funeral with a very emotional and magical farewell.


c11.gif (18971 bytes)Richiardi
Aldo Richiardi was the greatest influence on my magical career. He was the magicians magician. I sat on the old broom suspension stool in his dressing room twice a week for six months and learned about SHOW BUSINESS… along with what made Richiardi great. One month later he was gone. Being the second generation of magicians in his family, he began performing at the age of three in his father's show and soon incorporated singing and dancing into the magic. As he grew so did the show. Every routing from the classic "Rice Bowls" to the blood curdling "Buzz Saw" turned into a thematic production. The experience of seeing his show live, was unlike anything that I have seen, or will ever see! From the moment he would run on to the the stage, energy would explode through his body, down his arms and out of his finger tips as he glided across the stage. His eyes would instantly make every audience member feel like he had them under his spell and was performing the show especially for them. Although some of his props were old, he created miracles with them. He was a genius at putting together different pieces of music that would jolt your emotions in whatever direction he wanted them to go. c10.gif (20982 bytes)His show in New York City won major awards for its music. In 1982 he was awarded "Magician of the Year" by the Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences. Perhaps "Magician of the Century" would have been more appropriate. If you want to see the most beautiful levitation ever performed, find the HBO special titled "Richiardi's Chamber of Horrors". Its not how mechanical, how many directions the girl can move, or how much the girl can gyrate, it's the magician and his special power, completely controlling every second of the demonstration. His memory will forever be etched in my minds eye.

c12.gif (17819 bytes)Neil Foster
In the art of magic the most respected form is manipulation. Pure slight of hand with ungimmiked, everyday objects. Neil Foster taught this art in the most complete manner at the "Chavez College of Prestidigitation and Manual Dexterity" in Colon, Michigan. Neil hand-picked his students and many went on to be full-time professionals. His performances were described as "poetry in motion." Few tapes of his act exist but they can be found. I am very grateful to have known and studied under this wonderful artist.



c14.gif (15891 bytes)Bill Brewec13.gif (12178 bytes)
Every young aspiring magician should be as fortunate as I was to have a person like Bill Brewe as a mentor. He freely gave his time, energy and knowledge to many young magicians through "The Counts of Conjuring", the oldest organization in existence for teenage magicians. Meetings were held at Bill's shop located in Cincinnati, Ohio which is one of the most beautiful magic shops in the world. He was to me what Harry Collins was to Lance Burton. Bill is one of the most knowledgeable men in magic! Thanks Bill, for starting it all!


c16.gif (16659 bytes)Paul Adamsc15.gif (10557 bytes)
Paul Adams is from my home town of Cincinnati, Ohio and was a member of the "Counts of Conjuring." Everyone looked up to Paul because of his style, broadcast voice, showmanship and top quality props. Paul won all of the stage competitions and booked more professional shows than any of us. Today he stars in his own travelling TV game show and produces many children's productions with a variety of themes. Paul has the best promotional material in the business. His company incorporates every aspect of entertainment into each of his productions. Paul still finds the time to consult on many of my routines and productions. He is a true friend!

Richard Robinsonc17.gif (3666 bytes)
When I was a kid, I loved when an illusionist would perform on TV. One night I saw magic presented in a way that I had never seen before. It was Richard Robinson on Don Kershners Rock Concert, a TV show that usually only featured big time rock and roll bands. His assistants were dressed and moved about like zombies. His character was very intense almost as if Dracula was performing real magic. He had total control over the illusions and everyone on the stage. Richard opened for many rock bands on tour and at one time he even had the same manager as Richiardi. I will never forget that dramatic performance and the effect that it had on my magic. Thanks Richard!

George Kimmery
c18.gif (15062 bytes)George Kimmery runs "Chalet Magic" in Limeston, Tennessee. It is not difficult to describe George. He's just a great guy! Although I built illusions as a kid, the first illusion that I bought was from "Chalet Magic", almost 20 years ago. Whenever I had a question about an illusion and I was afraid to ask anyone else, George would always have the answer. You cannot buy a quality illusion for a better price, anywhere! Thanks George for some great props and your kind advice.

Les Smith
c19.gif (14831 bytes)Les Smith owns and operates "Owen Magic Supreme" with his wife, Gertrude, and his son-in-law, Alan, in Azusa, California. He is truly a master craftsman and the grandfather of all magic builders. This is the man that has made the magic happen for greats like Marvin Roy, Goldfinger and Dove, The Pendragons, Sigfried and Roy and many more. Les built several of my illusions and they are more than just props, they are works of art. I spent hundreds of hours in their shop and was even kicked out once! I am very grateful for the time Les spent with me and all of the history he shared.




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